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Looking for someone to build your fence?

This website was put together to discuss fence building and the services we offer.

If you live in a small town, you may already know of a local company that can get your fence built. But if you live in a bigger city, you may not. So we have put this site together to help you out.

When you are considering having some work done, we hope you will consider calling us.

Where Did We Start

We started out as a small company in Seattle. We expanded across Washington State, and now work all over the west coast.

Each of our locations is independently owned and operated. But each location carries out their business with the same passion and care that our first location had.

Interested in talking to someone?

Go to our Contact Page and check out our list of locations.

Let’s be honest, we may not always be the best or the cheapest, but we provide solid results at a good and honest price. You will be happy you called us.

We do our best so each and every customer appreciates the job we do. We hope to hear from any customer who isn’t completely satisfied with our work.

Finding just the right fence builder isn’t always easy. They aren’t all the same.

Some contractors have more experience in certain types of fencing.

If you need a fence done right away, it’s possible that some companies will already be busy on other jobs.

We know there is a small list of pretty good contractors you have to choose from. Each good-sized city can have several companies to choose from.

We hope you’ll call us when you want a quote for a fence project you are considering.

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